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Shotcut Video Editor is a software application for Windows.
Shotcut Video Editor is an open-source (GPL) video editor application: Comprehensive video editing suite with timelines and many video formats. The download is available as an EXE file and the latest version is 20.09.13.

Main Details

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NameShotcut Video Editor
HeadlineComprehensive video editing suite with timelines and many video formats

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Virus tests Shotcut Video Editor is clean of viruses and malware.
Google Safebrowsing This publisher is safe.
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5 / 10
Domain Rating 50 / 100
Neutral trust rating. [Low Confidence]
LO4D RankingCurrently ranks 1st (of 115) in terms of popularity
User Rating4.3 / 5.0 (based on 25 votes).
ReviewYes, by Fernando Ortega.

Version History

Old versions of Shotcut Video Editor
Current versionShotcut Video Editor 20.09.13 (80.36 MB)
Release statusMajor release with minor updates and a revised build.
Version: V20 Minor: 09 Build: 13
Old versions 20.07.11, 20.02.17, 19.12.31, 19.12.16, 19.10.20, 19.09.14, 19.08.16, 19.07.15, 19.06.15, 19.04.30,
Distributed asEXE (Windows Executable)
Compatible withWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

License and Usage

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Released asFreeware
RestrictionsCompletely free with no restrictions.
EULAMeltytech includes an EULA which must be accepted in order to complete installation.
Pricetag$0.00 (Free to use)